The Bailey Chronicles

Hello...and welcome to my site....!  Inside you will find pictures and stories of my life from the time I was born up until today...but it's not just my story, it's also about Ribbons - my real kitty Mom who lives with us too (Ribbons thinks she's in charge around here, but that's just til I get bigger...!).  For the most part I'm going to let my human Dad and Mom tell our story - they're much better typists than I am.  Of course - as a result of this there could be statements and interpretations of events in our lives that might be, uuummm...fabricated, borderline libelous and "just-plain-untrue"...!  I'll try to keep a close watch to insure that all descriptions reflect the events as they actually occurred, but be forewarned - humans DO have their own rather "special" way of looking at things, so I may be forced to step in from time to time to set the record straight...!

C'mon inside....!